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An international Catholic ministry dedicated to peace, and to the prevention of violence and abuse in Catholic families.

How Can We Help to End Violence in Catholic Families: A Guide for Clergy, Religious and Laity – a 100-page illustrated booklet by Dr. Christauria Welland, with Imprimatur from the Diocese of San Diego, CA, USA, on violence in Catholic families, how to respond to and prevent violence, and how to educate Catholic youth and couples for peace.

© 2015 Dr. Christauria Welland

Preface by Bishop Jean Laffitte, former Secretary, Pontifical Council for the Family

There are 9 versions of the booklet, in 6 languages at present.

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  • English (3 versions)

North America/Europe/etc.:

How to end violence in Catholic families N America etc

Art © 2015 by C. Clark

India: How can we help to end violence Indian edition English


Africa: How can we help to end violence African edition English

Art © 2015 by Lilian Nakato

  • français (2 versions)

Europe: Que faire pour mettre fin a la violence

Mettre fin a la violence couverture

Art © 2015 by C. Clark

Afrique: Que faire por mettre fin a la violence – edition francaise Afrique

Art © 2015 by Lilian Nakato

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Creación artística cortesía © 2015 de C. Clark

Portada © 2015: Mauricio Montes Castro

Pagina de rosto eliminar a violencia portugues

Arte © 2015: C. Clark

Pagina de rosto © 2015: Mauricio Montes Castro

Front cover Tagalog

Art © 2015 by C. Clark

Cover © 2015 by Mauricio Montes Castro



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